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Stick Tripod
Category:Walking Aids
  • L-32
Available Sizes:
  • UN

Tynor Walking Stick Tripod is designed to provide full weight bearing when one leg is physically challenged because of a nervous disorder, fracture, disease, injury etc. More and more professionals prefer usage of Walking Stick Tripod over the conventional single pod walking stick, because of greater stability and confidence of the patient


  • High load bearing
  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • Stable and durable
  • Utmost comfortable

Salient feature

  • Broader base.
    • High load bearing and durability. Provides greater stability and enhance confidence of the user. Provides confidence and stability to a very weak patient.
  • Ergonomic designing and materials.
    • Ambidextrous, accurate and smooth size adjustment. Anatomical handle is more comfortable.
  • Aluminium and mild steel body.
    • Combination of Light weight, durability and good weight bearing.
  • Superior surface coatings.
    • Perfect aesthetics and longer functional life of the product.
  • Polymer Pod.
    • Anti slip properties, more durable and better aesthetics.
  • Specifications.
    • Maximum/minimum height 984/745 mm, Total weight 700 gms, Maximum Load capacity 110 Kg.

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