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Crutch Adjustable
Category:Walking Aids
  • L 13
Available Sizes:
  • universal

Tynor Elbow Crutch is a very sophisticated walking aid designed to provide full weight bearing when one or both legs are physically challenged because of a nervous disorder, fracture, disease, injury etc. More and more professionals prefer usage of Elbow Crutch over the conventional auxiliary crutch because of greater confidence of the patient,lesser fatigue and trendy appearance.


  • High load bearing
  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • Many features to enhance functionality
  • Utmost comfortable

Salient feature

  • Polymer Handle.
    • Robust and strong suitable for 140 kg body wt
    • Anatomical and streamlined
    • Aestheticaly pleasing
  • Adjustable Height of the Elbow piece.
    • Improved load bearing.
    • Uniform support to elbow.
    • Improved confidence.
  • Soft Gel Handle Top.
    • Comfortable grip.
    • Nice to touch.
    • Improved load bearing.
    • Decreased fatigue.
  • Flipping Elbow grip.
    • Holds to the elbow tightly.
    • Decreased chances of accident.
    • Hands remain free to work.
  • PU/PVC Pod.
    • Long life.
    • Transparent.
    • Better aesthetics.
    • Anti slip properties.
  • Excellent workmanship.
    • Excellent functioning.
    • Easy size customization.
    • Improved aesthetics.

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